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9月 202011
In honor of last night’s 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, I thought it would be fun to unveil a recent SAS Publishing video featuring SAS user and student ambassador Isabel Perry.  I had the good fortune of being introduced to Isabel at SAS Global Forum 2011, thanks to colleague and master of connections Elizabeth Ceranowski, after [...]
4月 112010
It’s the last day before the biggest SAS users gathering of the year. I’ve already gotten my registration packet (registration opened about 3 hours ago) and even mapped out a couple of great spots to eat. Now, that I have time to settle in, I thought I’d send you a roundup of some of the most recent blog posts about SAS Global Forum. This roundup might even introduce you to someone new.

Here you go:

  • IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia posted Multimedia University Student is SAS Malaysian ‘Student Ambassador’. Brandon Teoh writes that 26-year old Somaye Gharibvan, a Ph.D student from Malaysia, was chosen to represent Malaysia as one of the ten Student Ambassadors at SAS Global Forum.

  • See You at SAS Global Forum – In many companies, being selected to go to a trade show or conference means that another chore has been added to your already overloaded day. How do SAS or JMP employees view a long weekend at SAS Global Forum?

  • Talking about analytics – Alison Bolen lists analytics experts who will be at the conference who are interested in talking with users about analytics. A great part of the format of SAS user conferences is that users, developers and product managers can talk face-to-face and share experiences. Many of the people whose white papers and research you read, solutions and programs you use will be at the conference. Talk with them and share your story.

  • Expecting to be Sleepless in Seattle – This guy is no dummy. He knows that the best time to spend time with you, our software experts, is while you are at the conference. He also wants to learn as much from the presentations as you do. We all pack our schedules as full as we can and hope for the best. Read this great post.

  • It's Time for Inside SAS Global Forum – Each year, we try to capture key moments from SAS Global Forum and send them to you in quick video snapshots and interviews. This year, your hosts are David Thomas, SAS’ Social Media Manager, and me. Let’s see how much fun we can have. Do you have ideas of people you’d like for us to talk to? Send me an e-mail.

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3月 282009

Three SAS Student Ambassadors talk about the benefits of attending SAS Global Forum.

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