self-service analytics

1月 042018

What will 2018 unveil for the data management market? I searched expert opinions on technology trends for 2018 and matched them against my own to uncover the five major trends that I think we’ll see in data management this year: 1. Data movement becomes more important. Cloud providers have proven [...]

Data management predictions for 2018 was published on SAS Voices by Helmut Plinke

12月 062017

Are you struggling to kick start your organization’s analytics journey, especially when it comes to leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques? If the answer is yes then you’re definitely not alone. Whilst most organisations today recognise the benefit of analytics and data science, many are still struggling to kick [...]

4 Reasons to Kick Start your Analytics Journey with SAS Visual Analytics was published on SAS Voices by Felix Liao

5月 222015

The cottage industry was based on workers buying raw materials, bringing them home and producing hand-crafted items to sell. The system worked, but was slow, tedious and expensive, producing goods that were affordable only by the rich. The Industrial Revolution changed all that. The factory system brought machines and workers […]

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10月 062014
One of the hottest trends today in the business intelligence and analytics spaces is “self-service”. The word self-service is thrown around lightly in many situations and often carries different expectations for different people and organizations. Before we go into the details of self-service analytics it is important to have a […]