self-service data preparation

8月 082016

The demand for data preparation solutions is at an all-time high, and it's primarily driven by the demand for self-service analytics. Ten years ago, if you were a business leader that wanted to get more in-depth information on a particular KPI, you would typically issue a reporting request to IT […]

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4月 082016

A soccer fairy tale Imagine it's Soccer Saturday. You've got 10 kids and 10 loads of laundry – along with buried soccer jerseys – that you need to clean before the games begin. Oh, and you have two hours to do this. Fear not! You are a member of an advanced HOA […]

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1月 112016

When my band first started and was in need of a sound system, we bought a pair of cheap yet indestructible Peavey speakers, some Radio Shack microphones and a power mixer. The result? We sounded awful and often split our ear drums from high-pitched feedback and raw, untrained vocals. It took us years […]

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3月 042015
In The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies, our hero Westley – in an attempt to save his love, Buttercup – has to navigate the Fire Swamp. There, Westley and Buttercup encounter fire spouts, quicksand and the dreaded rodents of unusual size (RUS's). Each time he has a response to the […]