smart grid

8月 062018

Looking for use cases for analytics to derive value at an electrical utility? We have identified over 125 ways you can use analytics to improve the business processes at an electric utility. I recently posted a series of blog posts discussing four different use cases. Now I'd like to share [...]

12 real-world examples of smart grid analytics was published on SAS Voices by David Pope

5月 302018

Remember when electric vehicles were a new thing? Just a few years ago, everywhere we turned there were opinions, white papers, and articles espousing the wonders of electric vehicles, and an equal chorus of voices warning of the dangers and challenges of electric vehicles. Would they blow up half of [...]

How will electric vehicles contribute to the smart grid? was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

6月 082017

Utilities can save as much as $10 million a year for every one percent improvement in forecast accuracy by optimizing asset utilization and trading strategies. Changing energy markets and an influx of data from the smart grid are providing more opportunities to reap value from energy forecasting. Improving energy forecasts [...]

From gigawatts to gigabytes: What would you do with an improved energy forecast? was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

12月 162016

Ready for another (soon to be classic) fun, custom-made for IT holiday jingle?? Fire up the hot chocolate, gather around the water cooler and belt this one out at the upcoming office party: Have a holly, jolly smart grid It's about time we upgraded our electric infrastructure I don't know […]

Have a holly, jolly smart grid was published on SAS Voices.

12月 092016

It's that festive time of year again, so you may want to build yourself a fire  and grab a cup of hot chocolate as you prepare for a rousing round of holiday/IT joy. Grab your co-workers and gather around the water cooler while singing along to this post and others […]

Over the wires and through the cloud was published on SAS Voices.

10月 182016

Utility leaders are struggling with a world that's quickly changing and barely recognizable from the one they knew growing up. Many of the old assumptions are gone, and the business model upon which careers have been built is on the verge of disappearing. So what does the internet of things […]

What does IoT mean for utilities? was published on SAS Voices.

8月 292016

Yesterday I opened up the Wall Street Journal and found the usual mix of ads from major technology vendors touting their IoT (Internet of Things) prowess, and claiming they all have the secret sauce to make all of our IoT dreams come true. Where do I sign up?! Meanwhile, back […]

Smart grid analytics and what makes IoT special for utilities was published on SAS Voices.

6月 282016

Over the last ten years, utilities around the world have have invested billions of dollars in the Internet of Things (IoT). Better known as smart grid and smart meter initiatives, this massive intelligent infrastructure is moving utilities into a future that’s beginning to look radically different from the century-old business model […]

The “I”s have it for improving utility asset performance in an IoT world was published on SAS Voices.

9月 032015

With presidential candidates targeting alternate energy development, the Clean Power Plan officially in place last month, and the rapid evolution of connected devices and the Internet of Things -- life in the energy sector is even more interesting than usual. To catch up on the latest developments, I sat down with one of […]

How energy is tackling big data and the Internet of Things was published on SAS Voices.

7月 102015

The smart grid is a technology infrastructure that adds intelligent capabilities to the electricity distribution system. When you apply analytics to the smart grid data, you can automate and  improve operations, maintenance, planning and customer satisfaction - among other processes. As utilities continue to upgrade meters, transformers, and add new sensors and equipment, […]

Analytics examples using smart grid technology was published on SAS Voices.