5月 192017

In recent years, solar panels have become much more economical, and therefore more popular. But because of the curvature of the Earth, the angle at which you need to install the panels varies, depending on where you live. In this example, I demonstrate how to visualize this kind of data [...]

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11月 122016

Does it seem like there just aren't enough daylight hours to get things done these days? It might not be that you've got more to do - it might be that we actually have fewer daylight hours in the winter (here in the northern hemisphere). And since "seeing is believing," […]

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8月 102016

Where is solar and wind power generated in the US? Let's visualize this data on a map... I recently saw the following map on the website. It caught my attention because it looks like North Carolina has a lot of solar power plants, whereas our neighboring states have very few. […]

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