–Solvency II

9月 222015

It’s rather appropriate that the rock band Europe recorded the hit “The Final Countdown”, because today, September 22nd, represents 100 days until the much anticipated (and delayed) European insurance legislation Solvency II will come into effect on January 1st 2016. Designed to introduce a harmonized, EU-wide insurance regulation, Solvency II […]

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12月 172014
It is clear from many of the comments arising from this year’s Insurance Times Broker Service Survey that brokers value underwriters who are open-minded and willing to adapt wordings and terms where possible to accommodate clients’ individual needs. They also value a close dialogue and partnership with underwriters who are […]
1月 092014
My last blog looked back on 2013, so for this article I thought it appropriate to look forward and consider the future of insurance. Interestingly an industry that is built on uncertainty, predicting the future of insurance could be considered somewhat predictable. Priorities for insurance companies have not changed dramatically […]
2月 212012
Spanish insurer santalucía will use SAS Risk Management for Insurance to help meet Solvency II, Pillar I requirements to manage risks and calculate metrics.