3月 092015
Chess as a team sport? Sure, it’s like singles tennis as a team sport: the team score is an aggregate of individual results. Team chess is everywhere from local three-round weekend afternoon chess tournaments to the biennial Chess Olympiad where national chess teams compete for the Hamilton-Russell Cup. Just like tennis teams, chess […]
3月 112014
It is always important to continue to sell the value of analytics within your organization, especially to your leaders.   Usually, these type of results are delivered via reports, dashboards, or emails.   However did you know that analytics: Detects when expensive machinery like electrical submersible pumps (ESP) or oil platforms need maintenance before [...]
8月 302013
Ed says the great jobs of tomorrow will be in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Unfortunately, people with disabilities are currently underrepresented in these fields. So, the accessibility team here at SAS is working hard to make sure that analytical tools are accessible for everyone. This [...]
8月 132013
As part of its celebration of the International Year of Statistics, SAS invites 24 teachers to learn more about statistical techniques and the use of SAS in the classroom. It’s back to school a little early for a group of AP Statistics teachers from North Carolina. The 24 teachers spent […]
7月 182013
High Schools That Work is the nation's largest school improvement initiative for high school leaders and teachers with more than 1,200 sites in 30 states.  This week marks their annual staff development conference and brings together more than 5,000 school leaders and educators. The theme of this year’s conference is […]
5月 212013
SAS is offering summer workshops for high school teachers interested in integrating SAS into their high school programs.  Join a growing network of teachers who are providing students with an advantage in their college and career aspirations. SAS Programming for High School - summer training program for teachers The summer [...]
4月 092013
Have you joined in to celebrate the International Year of Statistics? If not, you might be surprised to learn some of the interesting ways being shared for how statistics touches our lives every day.  Statistics is fun! Don't just take my word for it.  This week we are delighted to feature Ruth Ann Chan, a Math and [...]
1月 152013

I'm always looking for ways to make my job sound more relevant to people who ask me, "so what does SAS do?" SAS does so much that I can't possibly list it all, so I need some umbrella terms that can capture the essence of it (and still keep the attention of the listener who thought this was just making polite conversation).

"Explaining SAS" is less of an issue than it once was, because SAS-the-company has become pretty famous as a great place to work. So while I don't have to explain who SAS is, I still often have to talk about what SAS does and why it should matter to you.

I was recently part of a delegation who took the message to some local 7th graders, as we went into the classroom and "taught" STEM-related course material for a day. For my part, I taught a lesson about how data integration is critical for law enforcement. We even had a hands-on activity where we "solved" a crime using data matching techniques (and good police work, of course).

But the lesson that really captured the imagination of these kids had to do with NBA basketball. The students learned not only about the role of analytics in improving player and team performance, but also how Customer Analytics are used to improve the experience of fans. They heard the story of how the Orlando Magic uses the science of numbers to make games even more fun for attendees (and more profitable for the team).

Customer Analytics is one of those useful umbrella terms that I can now use to talk about what SAS does. For example, I can tell my parents (who love Las Vegas) the role that SAS plays in the loyalty programs they use. And it's how banks and insurance companies work to get more customers, and offer more services to the customers they already have.

During this International Year of Statistics, it's great to remember our statistical roots. But analytics is how we use statistics, combined with business and industry knowledge, to make a difference.

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