7月 192012
I’m very pleased to introduce a new blog series called “SAS Loves Math!” This series will feature interviews with SAS employees who simply love math. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: of course SAS loves math! We are, after all, an analytical software company. But what often goes unmentioned [...]
5月 112012

Part of what captivated me about this paper and poster presentation were the presenters - these guys are high school kids using SAS to do a visual analysis of Internet use by high schoolers. The idea was so compelling that Anna Brown and Inside SAS Global Forum went to talk to two of the presenters to learn what they researched and why they started the project.


Watch live streaming video from sasglobalforum2012 at


Aren't these guys fascinating?! They are definitely going to be competing for one of the sexy statistician jobs of the future! How can you use their inspiration in your research?

Here's a link to their paper, "A Week in the Life”: A Visual Analysis of Internet Use by School-Age Students.

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4月 272012
With a project based on analytics using SAS solutions, Juan Sebastian Lopez Cubides from Colombia was awarded the SAS® Global Forum Student Scholarship. Cubides received the scholarship at SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando. Juan Sebastian Lopez Cubides was part of a group of students and professors at the University [...]
3月 302012
There may be some of you who don't remember this song, but in high school and early college it was one of my favorites. "Get a haircut and get a real job," by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, really spoke to the rebel in me. Most of my rebellious days are behind [...]