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3月 202017

David Loshin extends his exploration of ethical issues surrounding automated systems and event stream processing to encompass data quality and risk considerations.

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1月 102017

Streaming technologies have been around for years, but as Felix Liao recently blogged, the numbers and types of use cases that can take advantage of these technologies have now increased exponentially. I've blogged about why streaming is the most effective way to handle the volume, variety and velocity of big data. That's […]

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10月 182016

Hadoop may have been the buzzword for the last few years, but streaming seems to be what everyone is talking about these days. Hadoop deals primarily with big data in stationary and batch-based analytics. But modern streaming technologies are aimed at the opposite spectrum, dealing with data in motion and […]

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7月 122016

Do you have a need for real-time, streaming analytics? What technology are you considering? How are you going to enable rapid development and deployment of your analytical models all in real-time? SAS has partnered the the Hortonworks HDF team to develop a nifi processor that allows SAS machine learning models and […]

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6月 182015

Many recent posts on this blog have discussed various aspects of event stream processing (ESP) where data is continuously analyzed while it’s still in motion, within what are referred to as event streams. This differs from traditional data analytics where data is not analyzed until after it has stopped moving and has […]

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6月 042015

The Internet has been around a long time. "Things" have been around even longer. Put the things on the Internet, aka the Internet of Things (IoT), and you get so much hype that IoT is at the top of Gartner's "Peak of Inflated Expectations" – and poised for a fall into the "Trough of […]

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5月 202015

Event stream processing (ESP) and real-time processing (RTP) so often come up in the same conversation that it begs the question if they are one and the same. The short answer is yes and/or no. But since I don’t need the other kind of ESP to know that you won’t […]

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5月 192015

What sends a data management product to the top of the “hot” list? In a word – speed. Especially when that speed can gracefully accommodate the huge world of streaming data from the Internet of Things. One of SAS’ hottest (and recently enhanced) products, SAS Event Stream Processing is an […]

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