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10月 102017

Industry-University relationships can be very complex, yet at Regent’s University London (RUL), we are very proud to report on the success of our first joint SAS-RUL project. In June 2016, as part of SAS Academy activities at Regent’s, I started a research collaboration with Mike Turner and Neil Griffin from [...]

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1月 122017

Yawn. Stretch. Blink. Blink again. It is 8:00 on the first day of the semester, and you know you haven’t had enough sleep (or coffee), but did the professor really just say that we are going to learn statistics? Why did I sign up for this class again? While that […]

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1月 112017

Not too long ago (last month), in a theater not too far away (10 minutes from my house), I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. According to CNN Money, the standalone Star Wars movie brought in $29 million at the domestic box office on opening night, making it the […]

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1月 092017

Calling all students and faculty! Did you know that you can apply for a scholarship to attend SAS Global Forum? Twenty student scholarships and ten faculty scholarships are available for those who want to attend SAS Global Forum 2017. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is January 13, so […]

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12月 082016

Thanksgiving turkey, Blue Jays playoff baseball, and SAS ANALYTICS all in one day! Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. The air is crisp, fall colours are at their peak, family and friends abound, and a veritable feast is at hand. This year was especially good because Thanksgiving Day included three of […]

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12月 012016

Hi there! I am Murali Sastry, a student pursuing my Master’s degree in Analytics at Capella University (CU). I love data and really enjoy digging into it to find valuable insights. If you’re a student in an analytics program like I am, let me give you a bit of advice. […]

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9月 152016

As we continue our Student in Analytics series, we chat with Lucy D’Agostino. Lucy is a PhD student at Vanderbilt University studying biostatics. She believes SAS is an essential tool to have in your “tool belt” -- and something that will give you an advantage in your career. Listen to […]

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4月 292016

One of the encouraging changes we’ve seen at SAS Global Forum over the years is the excitement and involvement from the student community. These are the people we like call -- the next generation of analytics professionals. The SAS Student Ambassador Program was successful again this year, and the newest […]

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1月 272016

Students, it’s time to put your Analytical skills to the test. Registration for the 2016 Analytics Shootout competition is now open!  This competition will allow you to use your Analytical skills to solve a hypothetical, but common, real-world business problem.  Gather your fellow students, create a team, and register today!  […]

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10月 292015

Are you a student who submitted content to SAS Global Forum 2016? You’re in luck, the Student Ambassador Program is still accepting applications! The deadline has been extended until November 15, 2015. This is your chance to earn one of fifteen spots to attend the conference for free. Yes, that’s […]

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