9月 032015

Big Data has become a technology buzzword. But how is Big Data changing insurance? Historically, insurance companies have used SMALL data to make BIG decisions. Today, insurers are using BIG data for SMALL decisions. What does this mean? Traditionally, insurance companies have aggregated data to group risks into broad categories […]

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3月 042015
Warranties have a long - and some might say - interesting past.  But the future is even brighter.  New technologies and data sources are transforming our understanding of field quality, enabling deeper insights into product performance and customer preferences.  These breakthroughs are accelerating the quest to reduce defects and satisfy customers. […]
1月 092015
~ This article is co-authored by Binod Jha, Global Product Manager for Insurance Solutions at SAS, and Amol Kokane, Senior Development Manager for Insurance & Risk Management Solutions at SAS ~ How might insurance policies change if sensor data could be automatically transmitted and analyzed from your car, your home and even your […]
1月 092014
My last blog looked back on 2013, so for this article I thought it appropriate to look forward and consider the future of insurance. Interestingly an industry that is built on uncertainty, predicting the future of insurance could be considered somewhat predictable. Priorities for insurance companies have not changed dramatically […]