text analytics

1月 272015
Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with James Haight of Blue Hill Research regarding the Internet of Things and how it is and will impact manufacturers. We also dipped our toes into other topics, including text analytics and the interesting combination of all these trends. The conversation was captured […]
3月 252014
~ Contributions from Elena Lytkina Botelho, Stephen Kincaid, Chris Trendler - ghSMART & Beverly Brown, Pamela Prentice and Dan Zaratsian - SAS ~   A fascinating talk at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference focused on text analytics, one of the newer weapons in the arsenal for analytic understanding. Dr. Goutam […]
2月 042014
A few Superbowl tweets: "Everything worked out well with the Super Bowl in NY/NJ except the game. What a shocker tonight #TBS_SuperBowl" "Best #superbowl #halftimeshow ever with #brunomars and #redhotchillipeppers . What talent from bruno...now thats a performer." "Someone turn off the lights to make the #SuperBowl interesting!" In my […]
1月 302014
In the days leading up to Superbowl XLVIII there’s a unique opportunity to capture insightful trends and patterns within social media. Much of text analytics involves analyzing customer conversations, whether the conversations exist within social media, emails, forums, blogs, survey responses, or call center transcripts. These conversations, just like the […]
12月 212013
When you think of the phrase “express yourself,” you may think of expressing your sense of style through your fashion decisions or home décor, but most of us probably think of expressing our thoughts, feelings, opinions, needs, desires, etc. through language. Whether writing or speaking, language helps us to connect […]
12月 132013
Text (aka unstructured) data is real, it’s huge, and it’s rapidly building up (both internally – at your company, and externally – on the web). You’ll only see more in the days to come. And guess what? If you are practicing traditional analytics at your company, foraying into unstructured data [...]
12月 072013
On Thanksgiving, I took a few moments out of my day to use the real-time Twitter search capabilities of SAS Social Media Analytics, and the search term #thankful. I didn’t do this because it’s almost year-end review time and I can say I worked on a holiday. Not entirely, anyway. [...]