text analytics

7月 262013
Seeing is knowing – Going beyond just listening to the voice of the customer ~ with contribution from Cindy Turner We’ve all heard that a picture paints a thousand words. What if you could see a thousand words from your customers? With that view, you could probably paint a hundred different pictures […]
6月 272013
Insurance companies are awash in data – gigabytes and terabytes and petabytes of it – generated by operational / transactional systems,  3rd party applications, social media and other outside sources. Data is often seen as a competitive differentiator, however when does too much data become a problem? The optimist’s view [...]
5月 252013
Perhaps no other sector has more massive volumes of text data than government.  During the SAS Government Leadership Summit earlier this week, different agencies discussed big data topics, trends and techniques.  And while diverse elements of focus were apparent, shared themes emerged that Juan Zarate, former Deputy Assistant to the […]
4月 302013
Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, founder of Oklahoma State University’s SAS Data Mining Certificate Program, was honored at SAS Global Forum with the 2013 SAS Distinguished Professor award. The award is given to individuals for innovative use of SAS in teaching and/or research, and supporting successful student use of SAS. Last year, [...]
4月 192013
Some may remember that old shampoo commercial for Faberge Organics (with wheat germ and honey - I may add).  If someone likes the shampoo they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on (and yes, we all had bad hair in the 80s, in this life - or a […]