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9月 222011
Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. -Yogi Berra As Moneyball hits theaters on September 23, I know awareness and appreciation for analytics will spike. The thought of the little guy being able to outmaneuver their stronger, better equipped opponent resonates with many people and relates [...]
8月 262011
I’m in between summer holiday breaks, clearing the decks and getting caught up.  Two items that have kept me thinking after the workdays are done were the recent Kent State Online Open House presentation on “Semantic Technologies and Knowledge Management: What is it and why should we care,” and the [...]
8月 092011
Chico's FAS Inc. will implement SAS® Social Media Analytics to understand what is being said about Chico's FAS Inc.'s brands and apply this intelligence to decision making
3月 022011
I feel the experience of participating at SAS Global Forum year after year is like relishing a warm brownie! It’s the same treat but a unique experience every time. Subtle changes in the ingredients can lead to a unique and enhanced flavor. The team behind the scenes works hard to ensure that SAS users experience a new flavor each time they attend the conference. My goal through this series is to give you a taste of the most delicious in the form of paper winners from the previous year, along with a sampling of what’s coming this year through our new sections and their descriptions.

If this is the first time you are reading my series, welcome! You can catch up on the previous posts and read the paper winners’ stories on Snapshot of the Best Papers of 2010. The spotlight this week shines on David Dobson with his winning presentation Segmenting Textual Data for Automobile Insurance Claims in the Data Mining and Predictive Modeling section. In the spirit of adjusting the ingredients and enhancing the flavor, the section name has been modified to Data Mining and Text Analytics. Tyler Smith (DoD Center for Deployment Health Research) heads this section this year. Keeping with the changing times, the focus this year is to combine statistical, economic and forecasting techniques to use a multitude of SAS tools to solve problems in today's economic environment. Special consideration will be given to those presentations using real-world data, both structured and unstructured.

I reached out to David Dobson to discover the recipe of his success. Dobson is the President and CEO at Dobson Analytics. Here’s what he had to say:
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1月 182011
If you aren’t familiar with Analytics, you'll want to be! Analytics is a digital magazine published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS), provides readers with real-life examples of how data, modeling and mathematical analysis is used to drive better business decisions and provide concrete competitive advantage.

A colleague of mine, Fiona McNeill, who is also a contributor to The Text Frontier, was spotlighted in the Analytics January / February issue. Fiona writes about text analytics - how to turn text into gold by deriving meaning from the deluge of documents available in most organizations.

I think you’ll find this publication full of the "how-to" stories and "what-not-to-do" stories that Analytics is known for! Be sure to visit page 21 to read the bit on Text Analytics and the three keys to success that Fiona highlights.

You might enjoy a couple of the other articles as well. Prithvijit Roy, Arnab Chakraborty, Pritam Kanti Paul, and Girish Srinivasan provide an inside look at HP's world-class e-marketing business and share a little bit about text mining tools. Talha Omer leads readers on the journey from business intelligence to analytics and touches on all the unstructured text data that has to be considered along the way.