7月 242018

When you were a kid, were you intrigued by the 99-cent X-ray glasses advertised in the back of the comic books? If you ordered those glasses, you were probably disappointed. Now that you're an adult, how would you like to use computer techniques to "X-ray" your data and look for [...]

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3月 042017

The Obama administration made great strides in improving the government’s use of information technology over the past eight years, and now it's up to the Trump administration to expand upon it. Let’s look at five possible Trump administration initiatives that can take government’s use of information technology to the next [...]

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4月 102014
While we live in an era of big data, it's folly to claim that all data is accurate. Just because you read something on the internet doesn't make it true. In this post, I'll look at two organizations that are working to increase data accuracy and transparency. I'll spare you […]
11月 142013
How do employees feel about data today? It's an interesting question, and one that I address in my forthcoming book The Visual Organization: How Intelligent Companies Use Data Visualization To Make Better Decisions. As a student of data, management and technology, it's obvious to me that our relationship with data [...]
10月 082011
With details of the UBS incident still coming in, the topic of rogue trading was in the air as the Committee of Chief Risk Officers (CCRO) held its second annual risk summit in Houston on Sept. 21-23. It’s natural for a gathering of senior risk practitioners to engage in some [...]