12月 212018

By now, we're all aware of the seismic shift occurring across industries as a result of the Internet of Things. But do we all see the changes in the same light? From where I sit, there's still a wide gap in viewpoints and perspectives.  In its simplest form, we often [...]

AIoT helps move transportation forward was published on SAS Voices by Bryan Saunders

1月 242018

Are you in the early stages of your Internet of Things (IoT) strategy? According to new IoT research done by the Internet of Things Institute on behalf of SAS, you are not alone. There's been a lot of buzz in the market for several years around IoT and how it's [...]

Road map to IoT success, from telematics to connected vehicles was published on SAS Voices by Suzanne Clayton

9月 122017

Every fall, highways, backroads and neighborhood streets nationwide take on a noticeable yellow hue, as school buses carefully and methodically transport students back to school. In some areas, including Boston, this massive transportation exercise can present a number of challenges. Boston Public Schools (BPS) provided transportation for 25,000 students via [...]

How did one school system save money, improve local traffic and make students happier? With fewer bus stops and better bus schedules was published on SAS Voices by Shannon Heath

1月 172017

We've all seen it before – a truck on the side of the road with the hood up and the driver desperate to figure out what’s wrong. In this situation, not only is a customer not receiving goods on time, but the problem is exasperated by the fact that most […]

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6月 162015

What cities have the most and least profitable public transportation services in the US? Perhaps you can find out in this graphical visualization of the data! The US data I'm analyzing here covers things like buses, vans, and rail ... but it might be even more interesting to analyze data from […]

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