uk government

5月 262017

Citizens served by the government are increasingly the same digital savvy consumers that market disruptors in banking, retail and utilities are attracting with sophisticated, data-driven online experiences. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement; consumers get to buy services in ways that suit them while businesses get the efficiencies they want, wrestling [...]

Digital government: How to make it a vibrant reality was published on SAS Voices by David Downing

3月 232017

Theresa May’s rallying vision of Brexit is to make the UK a more international, more outward looking nation. One whose future success and status on the world stage will be dictated by our ability to attract investment and finance, and to drive trade with existing and new partners. However, if [...]

Supporting the vision of a more global post-Brexit Britain was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

3月 162017

There have been some rather hysterical headlines in the UK recently about immigration. Eyebrow-raising statements alluding to the Home Office (the government department responsible for immigration) losing thousands of asylum seekers illustrate that efforts to trace them are placing huge pressure on resources. This, and the more outward looking post-Brexit [...]

Why our future prosperity demands smart borders was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

3月 092017

Unlike some other UK Government departments, the Home Office has done well out of the recent spending review. Overall police spending has been protected – following the debacle of the earlier calculation errors – to protect against emerging crime threats and to train more firearms officers. Counter-terrorism has received a [...]

Why deeper insights, not more cash, will transform Home Office outcomes was published on SAS Voices by Peter Snelling

3月 102016

The importance of data analytics in the UK public sector and wider society was in the spotlight earlier this year, following a report from Policy Exchange. It called for elected mayors to set up an Office of Data Analytics. If enacted, these teams of experts will have one central aim: […]

Big data: The building block for smarter government was published on SAS Voices.

2月 222016

Asylum seekers not causing headaches for the UK’s Home Office may be hard to imagine. There are regular scare stories about asylum seekers and budget cuts, amid rising concerns over immigration and the strain its putting on the national infrastructure. But it needn’t mean headaches for policy makers and officials. […]

Asylum seekers needn’t cause Home Office headaches was published on SAS Voices.