10月 062017

After a few tough years in the trenches, analytics leaders in utilities are emerging and making a difference as their utilities vie to stay relevant in the ever-changing energy landscape. At the core of this emergence are leaders that are embracing open analytics platforms and pushing analytics to the edge. [...]

For utilities, the horizon is wide open was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

6月 152017

Regulations, corporate drivers, leadership and market influences have combined to produce a patchwork of uneven progress on initiatives such as distributed generation, customer choice, asset optimization and the industrial Internet of Things. These initiatives all rely on analytics to gain the most return on investment. To better understand organizational readiness [...]

Utility analytics in 2017: Aligning data and analytics with business strategy was published on SAS Voices by Mike F. Smith

1月 262017

Tell me if you’ve heard this before:  Your company hired (or re-titled) a talented data scientist and they have great skills and no data. Or they're marginalized by IT because they're misunderstood. They're offered “cleansed” data that will fit into the hardware provisioned. What they want is “all” relevant data […]

4 tips for the utility data scientist was published on SAS Voices.

12月 222016

The utility industry is ripe with analytic opportunities.  Usually, when I share that perspective, thoughts immediately jump to making the energy grid more efficient. Certainly, there are efficiencies to gain with improved data about where power is being consumed and the sources that are available to support it. However, there […]

Who is and is not paying for heat this winter? was published on SAS Voices.

12月 162016

Ready for another (soon to be classic) fun, custom-made for IT holiday jingle?? Fire up the hot chocolate, gather around the water cooler and belt this one out at the upcoming office party: Have a holly, jolly smart grid It's about time we upgraded our electric infrastructure I don't know […]

Have a holly, jolly smart grid was published on SAS Voices.

12月 162016

“Analytics” and “data scientist” aren’t new terms, but they are trending buzzwords. The popularity of these concepts has created a false impression: Analytics are mysterious abstractions that can only be decoded if you have a white lab coat and an advanced degree in computer science. The reality couldn’t be more different. […]

No data scientist? No analytics platform? No problem. was published on SAS Voices.

10月 182016

Utility leaders are struggling with a world that's quickly changing and barely recognizable from the one they knew growing up. Many of the old assumptions are gone, and the business model upon which careers have been built is on the verge of disappearing. So what does the internet of things […]

What does IoT mean for utilities? was published on SAS Voices.

8月 292016

Yesterday I opened up the Wall Street Journal and found the usual mix of ads from major technology vendors touting their IoT (Internet of Things) prowess, and claiming they all have the secret sauce to make all of our IoT dreams come true. Where do I sign up?! Meanwhile, back […]

Smart grid analytics and what makes IoT special for utilities was published on SAS Voices.

7月 122016

Utilities, like all large organizations, spend a lot of time and resources on strategy. But how do utility analytics leaders ensure that their efforts are connected to this high-level vision? On June 28th in Los Angeles, a small gathering of utility executives and analytics leaders met to discuss and explore […]

Corporate strategy and analytics: The utility leader’s new business partners was published on SAS Voices.

6月 282016

Over the last ten years, utilities around the world have have invested billions of dollars in the Internet of Things (IoT). Better known as smart grid and smart meter initiatives, this massive intelligent infrastructure is moving utilities into a future that’s beginning to look radically different from the century-old business model […]

The “I”s have it for improving utility asset performance in an IoT world was published on SAS Voices.