7月 192014
Ask a utility executive about “the utility of the future” and you’re likely to get as many different answers as people you speak to.  Whether they’re energy service providers, customer energy advocates or masters of microgrids, the mechanism for maintaining utility revenues is uncertain. At a recent meeting of the […]
5月 152014
In the game of energy forecasting, you’re never 100 percent right.  And for developing countries, forecasters face rapidly expanding economies and high political expectations. Such is the case in India.  With its relatively young population (median age of 26), India is expected to take over China as the world’s most […]
2月 282014
What's the differences between predictive analytics and basic reporting? Predictive analytics provides insight about what will happen in the future. Basic reporting only looks at past performance. Why is this difference difficult to grasp? It's partly because transitioning to predictive analytics requires change. And most people don't embrace change. Take [...]
1月 222014
As more and more data is being collected and analyzed, it becomes even more important to have a strategy in place that will allow you to get value out of your data. Since it's humanly impossible for your brain alone to process fast streaming data, an event stream processing (ESP) engine [...]