5月 202013
The value of analytics to solve multiple business problems really makes analytics the ultimate reusable business investment, or as they say in the energy industry, it may be called a renewable resource. As I've commented before, organizations send billions of dollars on storing data, and unless you happen to be a [...]
4月 092013
How often do you question the availability of power? Outside of weather events, the answer is probably, “not much.” But what if you have an electric vehicle?  Or manage a data center?  Rely on either of those technologies and you might consider electricity as a constraint, around which you plan [...]
9月 182012
Contrary to popular belief, utility executives are ramping up for “big data” in a “big way.” This industry, which historically focused on operational technologies like pole-mounted hardware, is making a big shift to information technologies to support initiatives such as distribution optimization and fraud detection. We recently invited senior utility [...]
4月 052012
The Networked Grid event has kicked off in the Triangle.  Home to over 60 companies working on smart grid technologies, the Research Triangle may be “the silicon valley of the smart grid,” says conference host GreenTech Media (GTM). As a leading analytics player already installed at over 500 utility customer sites, certainly SAS [...]
2月 212012
Managing the deluge of smart grid data. Responding to the increased demand for customer intelligence. Implementing analytics for grid optimization. These were just a few of the topics covered at this week’s inaugural “Utility Analytics Summit.” Utilities have been grappling with implementation of smart grid devices for several years and [...]
9月 242011
Earlier this month in Washington DC, utility executives shared the pains and triumphs in the turmoil that is today’s energy market.  With a patchwork of regulatory frameworks across North America coupled with discouraging economics of many smart grid investments, utilities seem more disparate in projects and management than ever before. [...]