9月 122017

With Hurricane Irma recently pummeling pretty much the entire state of Florida, I got to wondering where past hurricanes have hit the state. Let's get some data, and figure out how to best analyze it using SAS software! I did a bit of web searching, and found the following map [...]

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9月 082017

As Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Caribbean, and heads towards the United States, the big question on everyone's mind ... is the hurricane going to hit my city? Or, as some people like to say, "should I buy milk & bread?" Let's analyze & map some data to [...]

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9月 072017

I suppose we've all been watching Hurricane Irma rip through the Caribbean like a giant buzzsaw blade, with wind speeds over 180mph. This is one of those rare Category 5 storms. But just how rare are Category 5 hurricanes? According to the Wikipedia page, hurricanes with wind speeds >=157mph are [...]

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4月 062017

For those of you who don't have SAS/Graph's Proc GMap, I recently showed how to 'fake' a variety of maps using Proc SGplot polygons. So far I've written blogs on creating: pretty maps, gradient shaded choropleth maps, and maps with markers at zip codes. And now (by special request from [...]

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10月 112016

This past weekend, Hurricane Matthew came through the Carolinas. Some areas had record flooding, while other areas didn't. I was anxious to get back to work today, so I could use SAS software and create a custom map showing who got how much rain. But before we get to the official […]

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10月 072016

When you were growing up, did you ever imagine that the most popular show on TV would be 24-hour coverage of a storm?!? Yes, for better or for worse, the weather has become our new reality TV. And as you watch the weather coverage, you probably see all the weather reporters showing the […]

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10月 042016

Like many words, if you just say "Cat 5" different people might think you're talking about different things. Computer geeks might assume you're talking about category 5 network cabling. But around this time of the year, most people in the southeast US will probably assume you're talking about a category […]

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