How to pronounce SAS ?

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11月 301999

一直用SAS,一直公开把它念成煞斯,旁边的朋友都这么念了。当然,一般看到a,最好都念成“贰”,而不是“啊”,有个讲究,美国一些教授好像有个“刻版印象”(偏见),比如说Harvard的第一个ar,不要念成“啊”,而要念为“贰”,这样据说显得高雅。SAS这个a似乎是念成“贰”而不是“啊”,它的老板 “晚安”(Jim Goodnight)在一次视频上读过,注意了一下,那个a好像是念成“贰。

刚不小心进入了一个佐治亚大学(the University of Georgia)的SAS邮件组,1997年初的帖子,看着也有不少人对SAS的发音感兴趣,挺好玩的,贴出来,把名字隐去,以前我们也在人大“统计之都”论坛讨论过stata和SAS的发音: 

Hi, A simple question: How should I pronounce SAS: is
it Es-A-ES of just SAS ?
It's pronounced as a single word, "sass" (rhymes with mass, pass, lass,
gas, etc.).  This goes along with the official SAS Institute position that (for
legal reasons) SAS is not an abbreviation or acronym for anything.
这是因为现在SAS已经不是statistics analysis system的缩写,本身就是一个商标。
There is an economist here that always refers to SAS as Es-A-ES.
He doesn't use it -- just makes derogatory comments about it.
We kid him about his statistical package: "Yeah, but can
S-T-A-T-A do this?!?"
Apart from which, a British person might get confused if you used S-A-S
with a military unit of the same pronunciation! Use SASS.
回帖3:英国的SAS是皇家空军特勤处(Special Air Service)的缩写。

One syllable. Rhymes with........mass. Just SAS. Most people I know pronounce it as "sass". A few say "saz". Nobody would know what the heck I was talking about if I spelled out S-A-S.

Might suggest to the erudite economist that if he doesn't know how to
pronounce it then he must not know much else about it.

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