4月 112010
It’s the last day before the biggest SAS users gathering of the year. I’ve already gotten my registration packet (registration opened about 3 hours ago) and even mapped out a couple of great spots to eat. Now, that I have time to settle in, I thought I’d send you a roundup of some of the most recent blog posts about SAS Global Forum. This roundup might even introduce you to someone new.

Here you go:

  • IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia posted Multimedia University Student is SAS Malaysian ‘Student Ambassador’. Brandon Teoh writes that 26-year old Somaye Gharibvan, a Ph.D student from Malaysia, was chosen to represent Malaysia as one of the ten Student Ambassadors at SAS Global Forum.

  • See You at SAS Global Forum – In many companies, being selected to go to a trade show or conference means that another chore has been added to your already overloaded day. How do SAS or JMP employees view a long weekend at SAS Global Forum?

  • Talking about analytics – Alison Bolen lists analytics experts who will be at the conference who are interested in talking with users about analytics. A great part of the format of SAS user conferences is that users, developers and product managers can talk face-to-face and share experiences. Many of the people whose white papers and research you read, solutions and programs you use will be at the conference. Talk with them and share your story.

  • Expecting to be Sleepless in Seattle – This guy is no dummy. He knows that the best time to spend time with you, our software experts, is while you are at the conference. He also wants to learn as much from the presentations as you do. We all pack our schedules as full as we can and hope for the best. Read this great post.

  • It's Time for Inside SAS Global Forum – Each year, we try to capture key moments from SAS Global Forum and send them to you in quick video snapshots and interviews. This year, your hosts are David Thomas, SAS’ Social Media Manager, and me. Let’s see how much fun we can have. Do you have ideas of people you’d like for us to talk to? Send me an e-mail.

Do you know of other bloggers we should be following?
4月 112010
Is SAS Global Forum all work and no fun?
Definitely not! You could go to Seattle and easily spend 24 hours a day soaking in all that great SAS knowledge and networking with your peers. Papers, demos, mixers and tweetups are all great, but don’t forget you’re in Seattle. Carve out an hour or two on the weekend or one evening and get out to see the city.

What makes you a special Seattle “tour guide?”
Though I’m now based in San Francisco, I grew up in Seattle! So I do know the place, and I wanted to share a few ideas for things to do. There are the obvious attractions: the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Experience Music Project. Those are all great, and if you haven’t seen them, you should.

Got any off-beat recommendations?
If you’d like to take a closer look at a real Seattle neighborhood, let me introduce a friend of mine, the Fremont Troll. He lives in a fun neighborhood called Fremont, with eclectic shops, great affordable restaurants, and friendly pubs.

How do we get there?
From the Convention Center:
• Driving: it’s about 10 minutes from downtown. Street parking and pay lots are available in the Fremont neighborhood.
• Transit: Metro buses 5, 16, and 26 all go from downtown to this area

Keep walking through Fremont to another fun bit of art: Waiting for the Interurban, to see how people have decorated the sculptures this week. And there’s one more piece of public art that you may find dressed up for some occasion: Vladimir Lenin.

Sounds cool, but is that all there is?
There’s more! In between these art works, you’ll find great food (Thai, sushi, or pizza are all good bets). And for pubs, try a:
• Northwest favorite, McMenamins’ Dad Watson
• Great English pub (but not very "Seattle"): the George & Dragon
• Dive bar: The Buckaroo Tavern
4月 112010

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4月 112010

SAS can do many things which most of us don’t have a clue. Here is one example…. Writing a letter: filename formltr 'C:\Documents and Settings\sreddy\Desktop\formltr.rtf'; data address; infile datalines; input @ 1 stno  @ 6 lane $12. @19 aptno $7. @27 city $9. @37 state $2. @40 zip ; datalines; 2550 Augusta Blvd Apt#203 Fairfield OH 45014 ; run; data _null_; retain lm 5; set address; file formltr;* print notitles; put _page_; adr1 = trim(stno) ' ' trim(lane); put @lm adr1; adr2 = trim(aptno); put @lm adr2; adr3 = trim(city) ||', '|| trim(state) ||' '|| trim(zip); put @lm adr3; adr4 = trim('Dear')|| ' ' ||trim('SAS') || ' ' || trim('Users,'); put / @lm adr4; put / @lm 'StudySAS Blog offers a lot of information regarding tips and tutorials on various topics ' ; put @lm 'in SAS. It covers basics to get started to more in-depth topics like Macros and Proc SQL.'; put @lm 'It is a great site to browse to help broaden and deepen your SAS knowledge...

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4月 092010
For those of you headed to Seattle next week for SAS Global Forum or SGF Executive Conference (#SGF10 and #SGFXC on Twitter), there are a number of great opportunities for you to learn new things and meet your peers. Here’s what you can expect related just to Customer Intelligence or Social Media Analytics:

[NOTE: All times are Pacific Time]

Sunday, April 11: 9:00 p.m.
SAS Seattle Tweetup! at Tap House Grill, 1506 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA
Register here (no cost to register, just a courtesy)

Monday, April 12: 8:00 a.m.
SAS Social Media Analytics Solution Launch at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center
If you can't be in Seattle, it will be streamed live here: www.sas.com/smalaunch (How cool is that?) and you can catch the buzz about the launch on Twitter by following #SASSMA.

Monday, April 12: 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Executive Conference Session: Marketing Success in a World of Empowered Customers
Moderated by Deb Orton, this panel discussion includes executives from Staples, Cisco Systems, GE Capital and Lacek/OgilvyOne. Our panel of experts will tell you how they get, grow and keep their best customers. This takes place at the Sheraton Hotel in the Aspen Room.

Monday, April 12: 1:45 – 2:45 p.m.
Executive Conference Session: The Social Media Roundtable
Discussion led by Dave Evans, Social Media enthusiast and author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day. Includes executives from Starbucks Coffee Co. and The Wet Seal. This takes place in Grand Ballroom A on the 2d floor.

Monday, April 12 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Executive Conference Session: How Guest Intelligence Drives Marketing and Merchandising at Target
In this session, learn how Target uses guest intelligence to optimize marketing and merchandising processes from Eric Bibelnieks, Target's Group Manager, Guest Data and Analytical Services. Hear how guest intelligence addresses their goal of enhancing guests’ shopping experiences and driving store performance.

Monday, April 12 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Executive Conference Demos: Customer Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization and Social Media Analytics. These take place in the Metropolitan Ballroom on the 3rd Floor during the Intelligence in Action Showcase reception. If needed, we have a dedicated quiet discussion area just outside the doors and a dedicated private meeting room set aside just for Customer Intelligence.

Monday, April 12 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
The SAS Social Media Analytics Networking Reception
Come meet your peers from the Seattle online analytics community and others interested in Social Media Analytics. Refreshments will be served and it will include a brief overview of the new Social Media Analytics solution. This takes place in the Cedar Room on the 2d floor. Register here. (no cost to register - just a courtesy)

One additional happening that’s not a SAS Customer Intelligence event, but worth considering:

Tuesday, April 13, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

Social Media Breakfast Seattle: No More Excuses: Yes we CAN Measure Social Media
This takes place at Tribal DDB Worldwide, 1000 2nd Avenue, Suite 1000, Seattle, WA and features measurement guru Katie Paine. There’s a nominal fee, but will be well worth it. Register here. Justin and I will be there - come join the fun!

Please remember that with the exception of the tweetup, the networking reception and the breakfast with Katie Paine, you need to be registered to take part in the fun. Here's how to register:
SAS Users: Now On-Site Registration Only
SAS Executive Users: For Director-level and above only.

See you in Seattle!
4月 092010
A little less than two years ago on the sascom voices blog, I argued that even social media enthusiasts should be listening more to social media curmudgeons like Tom Davenport. Tom is best known in SAS circles for co-authoring the books Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning and Analytics at Work. He also maintains a blog at Harvard Business Review, where he writes about IT, analytics and enterprise technology.

In his most recent post, Web 2.0 Versus Service 1.0, Tom argues that, in many cases, he'd prefer to see companies focus on good customer service via traditional channels before moving on to meet customer needs through social media channels like Twitter. He says:
I, for one, would rather work with a company that truly cares through a single communications channel — even snail mail — than one that shows its lack of caring through all the latest Web 2.0 tools.
It's a good point, but Frank Eliason from Comcast also makes a good counterpoint in the comments of Tom's post:
70% or more of the people we help via Twitter never contacted us before. Twitter is an early warning system and we see things there before other communications channels. This helps reduce overall costs and create better Customer experiences ... Since we started our social media work we have seen strong improvements in Customer Satisfaction, and we look to continue to improve them.

Continue reading "The benefits of bellyaching online"
4月 092010
In thinking about the upcoming inaugural Sentiment Analysis Symposium, I did a bit of exploring. Some of the early notions of sentiment can be attributed to Scottish born Adam Smith (1723-1790), who is often referred to as the first modern economist. One item from his 1759, “Theory of Moral Sentiment” stood out to me (an excerpt from Section 1.1.24):
"The sentiment or affection of the heart from which any action proceeds, and upon which its whole virtue or vice must ultimately depend, may be considered under two different aspects, or in two different relations; first, in relation to the cause which excites it, or the motive which gives occasion to it; and secondly, in relation to the end which it proposes, or the effect which it tends to produce.”
Perhaps not surprisingly then, both behavioural psychologists and stock market economists have examined the notion of sentiment for some time – both its cause and effect – with Dow, of the modern day (Dow Jones) Index, being one of them.

Being pragmatic – and translating this to how (and when) organizations successfully analyze sentiment – I am heartened to see that this is consistent with how we examine this today.

Understanding the relationship giving rise to emotional expressions in our current, connected world – sentiment analysis is part of a business analytics process. The evaluation of existing knowledge (observation and measurement of the motive) with the assessment of accurately measured sentiment expression (analysis of the effect) – from whatever communication vehicle the text data is collected. As with all analytics, models are tested, validated, and then deployed. Once deployed into business operations, sentiment is evaluated in real-time – sending triggers and updates to parts of the business that need to be informed and act upon the results. This analytic cycle is expressed further in an Interactive Tour and cited recently in Text Analytics – Two Worlds Collide.

Over 250 years later – with all that has changed since – the theory, at least this context, still makes sense in practice. So whether you are attending SAS Global Forum or the Sentiment Symposium we look forward to hearing about what you are doing in the Text Frontier. See you at the conference.
4月 082010

上午八点半到的知春里的中科软,九点开考,九点半出来,接着赶回公司。上午就这么考了人生第一个除英语六级外的认证,SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Credential,一共是70道题(要求时间是两个小时),错了一道,拿了99/100分回家。还好,我06年开始接触SAS,并以此为生,这个成绩不算丢脸。

为什么想到考这个证?美国那里有句话说,“如果你有个SAS认证,你将不愁找不到工作”云云。对有经验的SAS程序员,雇主一般不在乎你是否考过SAS认证,我推荐在校生没事可以整这么一个,可以增加些筹码,以示自己也算是有些投资,花过功夫。我现在不需要这个认证找工作,倒是想借这个机会,重温一些基本概念。SAS公司有一份Base的认证文档说这可以refresh your mind on some details you might have forgotter,就是这个。当然,还有一个很重要的原因,现在考证,可以找东家报销(150美元,很大的一块蚊子肉啊),——做学生时穷,虽然只要半价,还是舍不得考。

计划下半年再考一次SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 Credential,这个拿高分还算是有些挑战性。为考试而考试是个很无聊的事,那就借着这个机会,温习下SAS Advance的东西,这些在日常工作中都要用到,相互促进了。

其实我最想考的是SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 5 Credential,数据挖掘相关的。读书时鼓捣得比较多,现在工作几乎都要忘掉这些了,考个证可以刺激下自个。啥时有机会去美国遛达,就乘机考了这厮。SAS Base和Advance都可以在国内考,唯有这DM需要在美国的SAS公司考。


1. 报名,SAS Base和Advance都可以网上预约,或者直接到考场报名,费用是150美元(或相应的人民币)。



2.参考资料。对考Base来说,SAS公司的SAS OnlineTutor®: Basic and Intermediate SAS,止矣尽矣。这是我见到过的最好的入门材料。或者,同等有分量的入门材料,SAS Programming I: Essential和SAS Programming II: Data Manipulation Techniques。这些材料,既可以为准备考试用,更可以作为入门温习提高用。从准备考试来讲,它们比SAS Little Book实用。

4月 082010
Contributed by Meg Crawford, Marketing Specialist, User & Customer Marketing; Kirsten Hamstra, Web Marketing Specialist, SAS Publishing; and Michele Reister, Field Marketing Specialist, SAS Education.

If you read last month’s Open Mic blog posts from Meg Crawford and Kirsten Hamstra about all the great social media activities happening at SAS Global Forum, then you’re pretty well-informed, but here’s the latest master list of everything social media-related happening at SAS Global Forum.

Twitter and the SAS Global Forum TweetSpot
If you aren't already, start following us on Twitter @SASGLOBALFORUM or join the conversation that will be continuing throughout SAS Global Forum with our hashtag, #SGF10. We also have a few other recommendations for you: @SASPublishing, @SASTraining, @WaynetteTubbs, @alisonbolen, @DavidBThomas, @deb_orton, @kellylevoyer, @abrown7, @hrenee and @sasCommunity will all be dishing up some good SAS Global Forum tweets.

Want to meet your fellow SAS Global Forum tweeters? Attend the SAS Seattle TweetUp on April 11 at 9:00 p.m. at the Tap House Grill. Register early, space is limited.

Are you not yet sold on Twitter? Let us show you how cool it is. Stop by the TweetSpot outside the Demo Area on the Sky Bridge where we’ll be offering tutorials, signing up new accounts, and tweeting with conference attendees. We know you’ll be hooked by the end of SAS Global Forum.
Even if you’re not ready to sign up just yet, you won’t be left out because our GIANT Twitter Wall above the entrance to the Demo Area will keep you in the loop. Check out all the live, scrolling tweets to see what everyone is saying about the conference.

SAS Global Forum Connect
Connect with your peers on SAS Global Forum Connect at http://www.sasCommunity.org/Connect. New for sasCommunity.org, SAS Global Forum Connect enables SAS Global Forum 2010 attendees to connect online before and during the conference. Even if you're not attending in-person, you can still participate.
Find colleagues on the searchable / sortable list, add messages to the public Message Board, send messages, add colleagues, view Web site contributions, add photo avatars & more! Stay connected during the conference and keep your connections all year long.

Facebook is a great way to get real-time updates about the conference, new happenings and key information, and interact with SAS professionals and users who will be in attendance. The SAS Global Forum Facebook Fan Page has more than 700 active members and is growing daily. We also recommend you become a fan of the SAS Publishing and SAS Training & Certification pages. We will all be posting photos and status updates live from the Demo Floor. Watch our feeds and you just might win some free SAS goodies!

There will be LOTS of blogging going on during SAS Global Forum. The official SAS Global Forum blog features many talented voices from all over SAS. Read along to follow a series of posts during the conference to hear from SAS employees serving a wide variety of roles at SAS Global Forum. Gain insight into popular paper presentations, Demo Hall activities, breaking SAS news and the latest conference updates.

You’ll also want to visit the Open Mic blog to hear from SAS Press authors, SAS Publishing editors and others as they blog live from the conference. SAS Training & Certification will be launching a new blog next month but first we need your help! Vote for your favorite blog name or suggest your own and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free training class!

Linked in
The SAS Global Forum LinkedIn Group has more than 400 members and is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field who will be sharing their insights at the conference. Joining the Fans of SAS Books and SAS Training & Certification LinkedIn groups will keep you in touch with your peers long after SAS Global Forum 2010 ends.

Get a closer look at SAS Global Forum through the informal video interview series, Inside SAS Global Forum 2010 hosted by Dave Thomas, SAS Social Media Manager and Waynette Tubbs, Editor of the SAS Tech Report. We would love to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see on Inside SAS Global Forum. Who would you like us to interview? Please send your ideas to Waynette.Tubbs@sas.com.

Last year, SAS Publishing kicked off a new video series featuring interviews with SAS Press authors during the M2009 Data Mining Conference and The Premier Business Leadership Series Conference in October and will be continuing it at this year's major conferences including SAS Global Forum. Armed with a handheld Kodak Zi8, Kirsten Hamstra will be tracking down authors and asking them 3-4 questions which she’ll then edit together into a fun video montage for SAS Publishing’s YouTube channel.

Also, if you’ve ever taken a SAS Training class, we encourage you to visit the video interview station in the Demo Hall at the SAS Education Center to record a short video about how SAS training has helped you. We will also be putting together a video montage for SAS Training’s YouTube channel.

SAS Social Media Analytics Launch
SAS will announce a new social media analytics solution April 12 via a live webcast. See it in person at SAS Global Forum during the opening ceremony or watch it live at www.sas.com/smalaunch and tweet about it with the #SASSMA hashtag. During the webcast you’ll hear from social media and analytics experts, see the new software in action and have the opportunity to ask questions. Don’t miss this highly anticipated product launch!

Meeting you Face-to-Face!
Obviously you can tell we love communicating with our customers and colleagues via social media, but there’s still nothing better than good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication. We can’t wait to meet you in person and talk about whatever it is you want to talk about it – social media, SAS Global Forum, new SAS technologies, restaurants, books, sports, travel, children…you get the idea – we’re excited to get to know as many people as we can. After all, isn’t networking one of the greatest benefits of attending a conference?
4月 082010
Yesterday we posted 'Chris Brogan Provides Best Practices and Insights into Social Media', the third (of six) Chris Brogan videos taped when Chris was at our headquarters in Cary, NC.

In this video, the fourth in this series, SAS' Deb Orton interviews Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs. Chris discusses the differences between B2B and B2C in social media, who should own social media within companies, how to deal with bloggers, and how to integrate social media into your marketing mix.

Enjoy the video. And stay tuned. We'll post new segments from this interview series in the coming days, and we'll continue this series with new interviews from SAS practitioners in the coming months.