2月 052009
With my great enthusiasm for text analytics, Its sometimes frustrating when others don't see the potential value these technologies offer. Today when i read Dr G's quote and the facts that came along in the article - it came as music to my ears. My title for this blog entry was pulled from 4 feb 2009 press release. We, the SAS text analytics team, are cheering that a topic near and dear to our hearts was cited as as a key event during 2008. Out of the hundreds of solutions SAS delivered last year, the fact that Teragram's Natural Language Processing and advanced linguistic technology enhancements won top billing in the press release is a big deal!

Those who know how SAS has bundled text analytics as an add-on to SAS Enterprise Miner, the fact that organizations are implementing analytical solutions to retain current customers and win new ones -- you can conclude that seeds have been sown (Data Mining installed). For 2009 our challenge is to continue to pour water (to spread awareness) so Text Mining can indeed blossom .

Theodore Tanner blogged on predictions regarding the future of predictive analytics,semantic intelligence and vanilla BI applications made by industry analysts. I applaud Jim Kobielus who cites Text Analytics as key to staying strong (along with predictive analytics and Data Mining).

Last month when Sascom asked us for our 2009 predictions, you saw me jump in and add mine. For the past five years, we've seen Text Analytics sprout as an "emerging technology" attracting some interest by manufacturing companies for warranty solutions and occasional call centers. Many have no clue what steps to take to implement text analytics much less reap ROI. How about you ? do you think the time is ripe for text analytics to MAKE A DIFFERENCE ?
1月 252009
The 16 Jan 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant report once again places SAS in the “Leaders” quadrant in the Global positioning of BI vendors with annual revenues of $20 million+ (see the full report for a comprehensive description of inclusion criteria).

In describing SAS’ qualifications for this honor the report authors noted: “SAS's recent acquisition of Teragram will not only serve to enhance its position by adding natural language processing and advanced linguistic technology to its text mining offering, but it will also enable SAS to add enterprise and mobile search to its BI offerings.”

This comment by Gartner is revelatory in light of the current trend to view unstructured data as the “dark matter” of the enterprise ( i.e. the evolving source of income and profitability). Text mining, text analytics, document search, term/concept retrieval and classification capabilities – such as provided by SAS® Text Miner and SAS® Content Categorization – were all missing criteria in the evaluation of the vendors. The only other vendor noted for text analytics ability was SAP.

In a symposium given last year by TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute), entitled “The Shifting Data Continuum: Or Why Your Data Warehouse Needs Unstructured Data, Philip Russom shared results collected from a survey on sources of warehouse data. There he displayed a graphic that indicate huge, exponential growth in unstructured data sources in organizations today.
The huge red triangle in the TDWI report indicates all the unstructured sources of data that are likely to grow in the next three years. Given that – according to Gartner -- SAS has only one acknowledged competitor in this BI area -- SAP. Therefore this creates a huge opportunity to gain competitive advantages compared to the other acknowledged vendors in the report … as well as the other vendors that we meet in the market who do not appear in the Gartner report.

This growth in the “dark matter” of the enterprise will be enabled and facilitated by the kind of text mining/text analytics capabilities that SAS has built and which Gartner acknowledges in its “Magic Quadrant” report.

If the TDWI analysis holds true then it is likely that text mining/text analytics capabilities will soon surface as explicit qualifiers for “leaders” in the BI (not to mention Business Analytics) area.

1月 242009
I just received a news bulletin regarding SAS Global Forum. If you are planning to attend, check out these resources.

Agenda Builder Now Available
Your Personal Agenda Builder is now available to help you plan, build and save a personalized schedule for SAS® Global Forum 2009. Plan your days by choosing the paper presentation and activities you would like to attend. Start planning your agenda using this convenient tool.

Post-Conference Data Mining Workshop
This post-conference, half day workshop on data mining will be held Wednesday, March 25 at 1:30-5:00 p.m. It will offer another opportunity to expand your SAS data mining and predictive modeling skills. Stay later to take advantage of exclusive training opportunities. Find out more about the post-conference workshop.

Pre-conference Seminars & Statistical Tutorials
You can extend your educational opportunities in a number of ways at SAS Global Forum 2009. Sign up to participate in a Pre-Conference Seminar, Statistical Tutorial or one of the pre-conference SAS Training classes. (Note: Available with the Conference Plus Package). View the list of pre-conference seminars and tutorials.

Haven't registered yet?
SAS Global Forum offers a unique situation to network with fellow SAS users as well as SAS development and technical support staff. The 3-day conference is packed with learning opportunities. For more information, visit the conference Web site.

Updated Jan 27:
You can save 20% off training and certification testing at SAS Global Forum. Get more information at support.sas.com/training/sasglobalforum.
1月 162009
Another new forum has launched at support.sas.com/forums. The latest forum from SAS focuses on JMP software. Visit the forum and be among the first to post an idea, question, suggestion, or response. Arati Bechtel says in the JMP blog, "Inquiries and comments on all topics related to JMP are appropriate, including design of experiments, quality, data visualization, genomics and JMP integration with SAS."

You can keep up with the discussion by subscribing to the RSS feed or setting a watch that sends you an e-mail on a regular schedule that you choose.

Poll: Take a second to vote in the new poll. Let us know if you have ever posted to a discussion forum. We want to know how many SAS customers are willing to participate in discussion forums by posting questions or responses.

FYI: Dashboard using SAS/Graph

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1月 132009

see, http://support.sas.com/kb/26/134.html

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R or SAS: Quick Links to the Recent Debates

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1月 132009

Original post, 7 Jan, 2009

Key Point
The popularity of R at universities could threaten SAS Institute.

A Controversial Review by Anee Milley from SAS
We have customers who build engines for aircraft. I am happy they are not using freeware when I get on a jet.

7 Jan, 2009,
Discussion in SAS-L, the most popular SAS mailing list. Most voices call for the incorporate both R and SAS.

7 Jan, 2009,
Cheer for the victory of R.

8 Jan, 2009,
Ashlee Vance‘s blog
R You Ready for R, with lots of comments

9 Jan, 2009,
SAS Consulting

9 Jan, 2009, Anee Milley
This Post Is Rated R, stating the viewpoints from SAS about open source software: support and participant.
For more, see Google Blog Search.
1月 122009
One of the most popular offerings on support.sas.com is the sample code. We have over 3000 tips and samples to help you with your programming tasks. You can visit the Samples search page and look for items any time you need them. Note that the newest samples appear at the top of the list. You can also have the samples come to you.

We maintain an RSS feed that lists all new and updated samples. Subscribe to the Samples RSS feed.

Don't miss the other support feeds from SAS, which include feeds for SAS Notes, discussion forums, documentation, and more.
1月 062009

There are some new financial functions in SAS9.2 Base, including 8 options pricing functions(formerly in SAS Risk Dimension). These functions can compute the price of both call and put options on different underlying assets (stock, futures, currency, and exchange asset), using the following models respectively:

Model Underlying Call Put
Black-Scholes model Stock BLKSHCLPRC BLKSHPTPRC
Garman-Kohlhagen model Currency GARKHCLPRC GARKHPTPRC
Margrabe model Exchange MARGRCLPRC MARGRPTPRC
  • BLACKCLPRC: calculates the call price for European options on futures, based on the Black model.
  • BLACKPTPRC: calculates the put price for European options on futures, based on the Black model.
  • BLKSHCLPRT: calculates the call price for European options, based on the Black-Scholes model.
  • BLKSHPTPRT: calculates the put price for European options, based on the Black-Scholes model.
  • GARKHCLPRC: calculates the call price for European options on currencies, based on the Garman-Kohlhagen model.
  • GARKHPTPRC: calculates the put price for European options on currencies, based on the Garman-Kohlhagen model.
  • MARGRCLPRC: calculates the call price for European options on exchange assets, based on the Margrabe model.
  • MARGRPTPRC: calculates the put price for European options on exchange assets, based on the Margrabe model.

For more,see SAS9.2 online help,Functions and CALL Routines by Category: Financial

Note: A good web site for options pricing with different models, http://www.montegodata.co.uk/

1月 022009
I've lost track of what day it is. There have been so many Saturdays in a row that I'm not quite sure what day today is. I do know that 2009 has begun. With your help, we'll do some great things this year on support.sas.com and with SAS software and services. Keep watching this space for information and for opportunities to share your thoughts. (Don't forget that the SASware Ballot closes Jan. 9.)

Fun question: What do you do for good luck on New Year's day. I'm southern, so technically I should eat blackeyed peas and collards. I have never managed to eat collards and haven't eaten blackeyed peas since my grandmother stopped forcing them on us for health and good fortune. I choose to follow my Irish roots and start the new year with corned beef and cabbage.

I hope that your first day of 2009 includes fun with family, friends, football and parades. Welcome 2009!