3月 242009
It’s the last full day of SAS® Global Forum, and I hope you’re enjoying the conference as much as I am. This is my 17th time at SAS Global Forum (formerly SUGI), but serving as conference chair, I’ve gotten to see firsthand what it takes to put on a large-scale event like this one.

So much coordination, time and effort went into making this a successful conference and I would like to take a moment to thank the conference leaders for their contributions. From section chairs to Industry Solution leaders, session coordinators to presenters, we could not have done it without you.

But the conference is not over yet – there is much more for you to do and see today! Be sure to check out the Industry Solutions from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. today on the National Harbor Level. Experts will discuss how SAS technology can help achieve goals in specific industry areas.

And the networking opportunities continue with today’s lunch and featured presentation. Join us in Prince George Level, Exhibit Hall A at noon for lunch – and to see Arthur Benjamin, PhD, “America’s Best Math Whiz”, demonstrate how to mentally add and multiply numbers faster than a calculator and other amazing feats. Check at Conference Registration to see if tickets are still available for this event.

At the end of your busy day, you’ll get to relax at the always-fun Kick Back Party. Escapade, a wonderful show and dance band, will provide the entertainment in the Potomac Ballroom starting at 8 p.m. Food, drink and dancing await you, so come out and celebrate a successful conference!

Have a great day!
3月 242009

Alan Hoffler interviews Sean O'Brien, SAS Director of Business
& Curriculum Development in SAS Education. Sean talks about the
Education Curriculum Summit held with SAS customers at SAS Global Forum

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3月 242009
Before a crowd of more than 3,200 SAS® Global Forum attendees at Opening Session, SAS executives honored three customers with the Enterprise Excellence Award for effectively using SAS software to address business challenges, empowering leaders to make confident, insightful decisions.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Carl Farrell, Senior Vice President of SAS Americas, congratulated Janna Baganz, who accepted the Enterprise Excellence Award for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The agency implemented a department-wide data warehouse using SAS® Business Intelligence, providing readily available and easily accessible data to help users perform more efficiently. Transforming raw data into information for expanding users groups, the solution facilitates back-end data processing and end-user reporting. The enhanced information resource helps the entire organization comply with directives, initiatives and legislative mandates.

“Before we had the data warehouse, users had to go to five different locations,” Baganz said. “Now they go to one.” She shared an example of how automation has impacted the bottom line, citing a collections report which was previously accessed manually several times a day by team members. Automating the report has saved 1,700 staff hours and increased revenues by $4.2 million since the solution was implemented in July 2008.

EMEA and Asia Pacific Executive Vice President Mikael Hagström welcomed Lothar Schauer, Head of Corporate Control at Germany’s FIDUCIA IT AG to the stage. FIDUCIA IT AG used SAS® Financial Intelligence software to develop a new performance management system that includes process cost analysis, integrated company control, presentation of indicator systems and financial indicator consolidation and planning. The result is strategic corporate control, transparency across divisions and consistent, reliable company-wide information.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Hagström congratulated John Geurts, representing the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (the Group), via live Webcast from Australia. Commonwealth Bank of Australia has been a SAS customer for more than 20 years, and was recognized for using the SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform as a basis for its Financial Crimes Platform (FCP). The FCP allows the Group to bring together data for the identification, analysis and prevention of fraud as well as monitoring transactions to detect money laundering and terrorist financing.

The successes of the Financial Crimes Platform saw the Group go on to adopt the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform to centralize its discovery functions into a single platform, centralizing its resources and data to allow greater and deeper insights. The Group now has extended the FCP to include SAS® Anti-Money Laundering, making it the first Australian financial services institution to incorporate anti-money laundering within a comprehensive financial crime detection and prevention platform as a fully integrated component, rather than install it as a stand-alone system.

“This is a mark of innovation,” Geurts said. “It shows that we are not just on track, but industry leading.”
3月 242009

Hear from a company and several attendees at the 2009 Career Connections Day held at SAS Global Forum. This event lets attendees talk to participating companies about career opportunities.

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3月 242009

Alan Hoffler files his first report at SAS Global Forum at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, DC, showing the behind-the-scenes look at the conference.

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3月 242009
In hopes of adding to your SAS Global Forum experience, we've kicked off a SAS presenters series. Here, we’ve asked some of the SAS presenters five questions to learn more about what makes them tick, why they chose to present and what they hoped you would take away from the presentation. Take a look at David Shamlin’s answers.

David Shamlin, Senior Director, Research and Development

Tell me a fun fact about you that others might not know … Did you have a ridiculous first car that really tells people who you are? Do you decorate your office in 18th century Chinese artwork? Do you snowboard?
I love travelling to new places to experience architecture and art. Last year I visited Denmark, which is full of both: ranging from medieval to contemporary, sublime to ridiculous. My favorite building was The Royal Library, a 21st century complex attached to an 18th century reading room. I saw the most beautiful Van Gogh I’ve ever come next to a real gold fish preserved in acrylic inside a kitchen blender. It’s always great to see how people around the globe express their views of the world. I experience SAS Global Forum as another opportunity to learn about other people’s perceptions, experiences, and successes with the technology we create!

How many times have you been to SAS Global Forum? What was your most memorable experience so far?
I’ve been attending for so long that I’ve lost count. SAS Global Forum 2008 was pretty exciting for me because we announced some new technology that my team had very recently completed. The announcement generated a lot of excitement and resulted in lots of good user interaction on the demo room floor.

What problem or customer pain were you hoping to solve with when you wrote In‐Database Procedures with Teradata?
I wanted to help customers understand our emerging Teradata In-Database technology. This year we will be showing folks how the new In-Database Procedures we have planned for 9.2 Maintenance 2 will allow our users to do more, faster with data that’s stored inside Teradata.

During your presentation, what were the most important highlights or questions that you hoped to cover?
It was important to cover the basics of how In-Database Procedures work and then show what enhancements have been made available with the 9.2 Maintenance 2.
3月 242009
In hopes of adding to your SAS Global Forum experience, we've kicked off a SAS presenters series. Here, we’ve asked some of the SAS presenters five questions to learn more about what makes them tick, why they chose to present and what they hoped you would take away from the presentation. Take a look at Alec S Fernandez’s answers.

Alec S Fernandez, Software Developer, Release Management

Alec, tell me something about yourself that would make your personality come alive for the readers.
I love saltwater fishing. Well, I love comedy and when I go blue water fishing, it's a comedy. I tried kite fishing but ended up running over the kite with the outboard. The kite turned into a teaser, and it took us 30 minutes to cut and free the huge tangle of kite and trolling lines and everything else. I've never seen a bigger tangle outside of our java xref dependency analysis.

I used to work in Bldg R in SAS’ headquarters. My office was decorated with Goya's painting, The Third of May. It was a holdover from my days doing phone duty in SAS Tech Support where customers held us to account for the software written by others. I kept the painting in my office so that I could remember that mindset when I began writing apps. When I’m tempted to say "close enough," then I see that painting, and I do a little more work to add a little more fault tolerance. Now I work out of a home office in a flat in the center of Madrid with my wife and three daughters.

Have you been to SAS Global Forum before?
I’ve been to [SUGI] SAS Global Forum a half dozen or so times. Watching Sir Rick Langston at Futures Forum was a treat. He's always got something funny to say about a customer's hat or something. The funniest moment was when David Shamlin was trying to convince a customer to upgrade to version 8.0, but the customer was concerned and stated that he was against upgrading to any .0 release. After a half hour of trying every attempt at logically reassuring the customer that the software was very thoroughly tested, David finally said "What do you want me to do to make you feel secure. Do you want me to give you a hug?" Oddly, this too was insufficient to convince this most coy of customers.

What problem or customer pain were you hoping to solve with your presentation The SAS® 9.2 Software Deployment: A Deployment Experience Your Mother Would Love?
I wanted to show the user how to deploy EBI software in the typical formations in fewer than 3 hours. We want everyone to feel as comfortable deploying EBI as they have been deploying Foundation SAS. Dr. Goodnight asked us to reduce the complexity of deployment and improve the customer experience, and I'm excited to display what I believe is a radically improved deployment experience.

During your presentation, what were the most important highlights or questions that you hoped to cover?
One of the most exciting things that I covered was the unattended software delivery via the internet. An unattended installation and configuration experience allows the user to kick off the download the night before, and in the next morning prepare your machine with the preinstall checklist. Launch the install and answer a few questions, and then enjoy your lunch as the SAS Deployment Wizard does all the work. You should be able to log into the Portal from your iPhone by the time they bring out dessert (unless you skimped on lunch).

Were there unexpected user questions that will send you back to the drawing board?
The most interesting question I’ve ever been asked was, “Why does it take 4 days and a team of consultants to deploy a SAS Software offering?”