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3月 202009
FYI: SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner Procedures: Reference for SAS 9.1.3, see:
This entry DOES exist in the SAS Support website, but it can’t be found by any search engine or documentation tree view. You’re recommended to download these files immediately due to SAS’s easy-dead hyperlinks.^-^
ps.SAS Institute provides no support for the use of Enterprise Miner and Text Miner Procedures when they are invoked directly, outside of the Enterprise Miner graphical user interface.
3月 202009
My thanks to Lori for taking the time to respond to my questions during this last-minute rush towards SAS Global Forum.

1.) What was your first car?
The first car I bought was actually a bright yellow Toyota truck that had monster you didn't see that one coming -- actually you could see the truck coming!

2.) How many times have you been to SAS Global Forum, and what was your most memorable experience so far?
This year is my 17th year attending SAS Global Forum. Each year is memorable in its own way, but I would like to mention two memorable events. The first event is one very early in my attendee experience when I won the SUGI20 SAS/GRAPH Competition. I was hooked after that! The second was when I was selected as the SAS Global Forum 2009 Conference Chair. I am proud to have the opportunity to lead the conference this year - it has been a very rewarding experience.

3.) How has SAS Global Forum changed over the years?
The conference is always changing with the times and evolving to meet the needs of the SAS user community. The name change is a good example - the "new name" better represents the Global reach of the conference.

4.) What new things can SAS users expect to see at SAS Global Forum this year?
Here are just a few: We added the Code Doctors section, in an effort to provide programming assistance to our attendees; We brought back the Government and Education Industry Solutions sections; We added the Career Connections Day, which gives attendees an opportunity to talk about career opportunities.

5.) What words of wisdom do you have for next year’s chair, Lauren Haworth?
I would encourage Lauren to continue making changes that help address the current economic environment, to continue moving forward with our established green initiatives, bring social networking to the next level, create a great SAS Global Forum conference experience, and last but not least - have fun and enjoy every minute along the way!
3月 192009

First-Timers’ Session

Convention Center Level, Maryland A

Sunday, March 22, 4:15 – 5:15 p.m.

First time to SAS Global Forum? You’re not alone.

A large percentage of attendees are first-timers. And even if you’re an old hand at SAS Global Forum, the First-Timers’ Session is the place to find out what’s new this year.

You'll learn the top 10 things first-timers should know to get the most out of SAS Global Forum. From guiding you through all the presentations and workshops to helping you understand everything that's available in the SAS Demo Room, this session is packed with valuable information.

You'll also meet the Conference Chair, Section Chairs and SAS Global Users Group Executive Board Members and learn how to best get help and assistance as needed throughout the conference.

Topics covered will include:

  • How do I know which presentation is for me?
  • What do those ribbons and badges mean?
  • How do I become a presenter or volunteer?
  • What are some of the other features available, such as the Agenda Builder?

Hope to see you there!

3月 182009
By now even the “Secret” truck has left the SAS Worldwide headquarters in Cary, NC for the drive to Washington, DC. (The “non-Secret” truck began its six hour journey to the conference site last Friday, March 13.) As in previous years, we have more than one truck leaving from SAS for SAS Global Forum because 1) not everything will fit onto one truck, and 2) not every SAS employee can make the deadline for the non-secret truck.

The majority of what’s shipped on the truck is going into the SAS Demo Area. Set up of the Demo Area is already underway in the Prince George Level, Exhibit Halls C-D, whose combined size is the equivalent of 1.26 football fields. Don’t worry about getting lost though – there’s an Information Booth just as you walk in the door.

Be sure to make time for the Mixer hosted by SAS on Monday, March 22 from 6 to 7:30 pm. The mixer is held in the SAS Demo Area, and it’s an optimal time to explore and socialize.

And if you need to prove that you attended the conference, you can get an electronic postcard picture (see my friend Sara modeling below) taken in the User Community area between booths 99 and 100.

You can also pick up your official conference t-shirt (100% organic cotton) near the same area and take the SAS Global Users Group survey. The survey opens on Tuesday, March 24 at 10 am in the SAS Global Users Group booth. By taking the survey, your name will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes including a GPS, Nintendo Wii, Digital Camera or Apple iTouch. The winners will be announced at Closing Session on Wednesday, March 25 at noon.
3月 182009

Hi SAS Professionals -- I’m Anne-Lindsay Beall, one of the editors for the SAS Global Forum Daily News. Waynette Tubbs, who you all know from the SAS Tech Report, will be our other roving reporter.

This year, the Daily News will be delivered as an e-newsletter -- right to your inbox every morning -- full of the day’s highlights, tips for getting the most out of the conference, a daily message from SAS Global Forum 
Conference Chair Lori Griffin, interviews with presenters and attendees, and much more.

 During the conference, you’ll also be able to view the newsletter on the SAS Global Forum Web site. 

 If you have any questions, suggestions or conference tips to share, please let me know.  See you in DC!

3月 172009
If you’re local to the Washington, DC area, you may have heard some radio promotions about SAS Global Forum. It only takes 30 seconds to hear how SAS can help the new administration. Government employees can use the discount code GOVELBD09 to qualify for the special $700 registration rate to attend SAS Global Forum. Hurry - this special registration rate ends at 11:59 pm, Monday, March 16.
3月 122009
As we learned from SAS program manager Donna Daniels, in Episode 2 of Inside SAS Global Forum, there are lots of ways to get to SAS Global Forum this year. In addition to the usual modes of transportation, you can take the King Street Metro Station and shuttle from there, or you can take a water taxi from Alexandria to the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. SPECIAL UPDATE: Because budgets are taking longer to get approved, and in recognition of today's difficult economic climate, SAS Global Forum has extended the early registration rate for all government employees. Just use the discount code GOVELBD09 and register by March 16 to qualify for the special $700 registration rate.
One last thing about Donna, would you like to know how she’s kept all of us from SAS engaged during hours and hours of meetings to prepare for SAS Global Forum? In addition to bribing us with doughnuts and bagels, she’s held weekly trivia contests for fun. There were no prizes involved - just bragging rights. What president had both the coldest and the warmest inaugurations in history? That would be Ronald Reagan.
3月 122009
Based on research published by Nielsen on Monday,"Social Networking’s New Global Footprint," social networks are now more popular than email. Plenty of customer feedback can be garnered from the Web with a lot more ease than less publicly available email. Yet not all of this information is tremendously useful (see my previous post on the Skittles social media experiment). But, really, who wants to wade through all of that information by hand!?! Discovering and categorizing valuable feedback is something that can be automated using SAS Text Miner and SAS Content Categorization.
3月 072009
Earlier last week, Skittles created a lot of buzz around the relaunching of their web site as part of a social media marketing campaign to direct Twitter comments containing the word "skittles" to the Skittles home page. For a little Friday afternoon frivolity, I decided to download some of the Twitter comments to analyze automatically using SAS Text Miner . Given my experience with analyzing web text, and having read the reports about the Skittles campaign, I was sure I would be subjected to colorful language and other less than savory comments - Web 2.0 at its best AND worst - I was right. Additional related opinion has also been posted by Dave Thomas on his Social Media at SAS blog.

I downloaded 1400 posts about Skittles from the Twitter social networking site. It was not enough to cover all of the campaign and the buzz it created, but it is a start.

Some of my initial results show topics about:click here for a bigger, better view

-- Vodka Skittles! [I'm hoping they'll make some Margarita ones];
-- Religion, Viagra, Rihanna, and taste the rainbow (although not all together);
-- the campaign itself.

This visual (click on it for a better look) gives you a glimpse at the breath of information contained in the postings (people really thought their postings were interesting!)... I spray painted over some bad language so as to avoid offending anyone.

I plan on exploring the data a little more with Text Miner, then maybe (given time) adding SAS Content Categorization to the mix allowing me to create a taxonomy using advanced linguistic techniques.