Robert Allison

1月 242019

As we're approaching the anniversary of Hans Rosling's passing, I fondly remember his spectacular graphical presentations comparing the wealth and health of nations around the world. He certainly raised the bar for data visualization, and his animated charts inspired me to work even harder to create similar visualizations! What better way [...]

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1月 182019

They say "The Sun never sets on the SAS Empire" ... and it's true! There are SAS users all over the world, and SAS output & results could be in any language. Therefore, if you're a SAS programmer, you might need to know how to create SAS graphs with international [...]

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1月 152019

When I fill up my daily-driver Prius, the price of gasoline isn't that important. But when I occasionally take a trip in my V8 Suburban, I pay a lot more attention! Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that gasoline prices have been falling. How much have they fallen, [...]

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12月 142018

Certain North Carolina counties have been in the news lately, for suspected election fraud involving absentee ballots in the 2018 election.  Let's analyze the voter registration and absentee ballot data, to see if we can detect anything suspicious! In order to definitively determine whether fraud & illegal activity occurred, investigators [...]

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12月 042018

It might snow this weekend here at the SAS headquarters! This would be the first snow of the season for us, and it got me thinking about snow. Apparently these thoughts have manifested themselves in my computer graphics work ... in the form of a snow animation. Follow along, and [...]

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12月 032018

Did you ever try to find articles about a topic in a library before computers came along? You might have had to manually look through several hundred bound periodicals, or perhaps you were lucky enough to find the topic in a master index that pointed you directly to the year [...]

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11月 282018

The US recently released the National Climate Assessment. When asked about it, Trump said he had only read "some" of the report, and he told reporters "I don't believe it." Climate change and global warming is a hotly debated topic, but putting aside the debate itself, I also read "some" [...]

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11月 272018

Do you remember The Matrix movies, that started coming out in 1999? Hopefully this movie franchise didn't give you a fear of virtual reality and AI. The thing I remember most from the movie was the really cool slow-motion video effects (from multiple angles) in the fight scenes. And the [...]

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11月 222018

This week I noticed that they've started building the lot where they sell Christmas trees near SAS (at the intersection of Maynard & Reedy Creek Rd). They put up a nice rustic wooden fence, and lights, and maybe even a fire pit to keep their workers warm. They sell some [...]

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