ron cody

1月 102019

Does this situation sound familiar? You have a complex analysis that must be finished urgently. The data was delivered late and its quality and structure are far from the expected standard. The time pressure to present the results is huge, and your SAS program is not giving you the expected [...]

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10月 022018

I often get asked for programming tips. Here, I share three of my favorite tips for beginners. Tip #1: COUNTC and CATS Functions Together The CATS function concatenates all of its arguments after it strips leading and trailing blanks. The COUNTC function counts characters. Together, they can let you operate [...]

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11月 262016

I often wonder how many people see the word "University" in the title "SAS University Edition" and think you have to be a university student to download this software. Please help me spread the word: Anyone can download the University Edition (as long as you’re using it for learning purposes) […]

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11月 242016

Suppose you are using SAS Studio (perhaps with the University Edition) and the statistical task you need to perform is not a supported option or feature in SAS.  I know that sounds almost impossible because the statistical tasks in SAS Studio are so awesome.  But, just in case you need […]

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7月 242015

This year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SAS Press, we are offering a 25% discount on all our SAS Press books at JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings). Over the last 25 years, SAS Press has published 250 books; has worked with more than 300 SAS authors and has millions of satisfied […]

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3月 282014
This week's SAS tip is from superstar author Ron Cody and his very popular book SAS Statistics by Example. Ron has been using SAS (and writing about SAS) for a long time. And he communicates his vast expertise in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner. If you've used any of Ron's books, I'm sure you'll agree. The following […]
1月 042014
Ron Cody starts things off right with our first SAS tip of 2014. If you resolve to become a better statistical programmer this year, Ron's book SAS Statistics by Example is a great place to start. After you take a look at this week's free excerpt from the book, head over to Ron's author page. You'll [...]
8月 032013
This week's SAS tip is from Ron Cody and his very popular book Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide. If you haven't yet discovered Ron Cody's work, you're missing out. Fortunately, you can learn a lot more about Ron and his many books--as well as view bonus content here. The following excerpt [...]